Sunday, December 02, 2012

December Project: 'Personality Plus' Review

"The first step in any type of self-improvement is to find your areas of weakness and admit you have them. The refusal to examine our faults keeps us from doing anything positive about them.

It's humbling to admit we've been doing something wrong for years, but it's the first step in growing up.

Immature people blame their parents, their mates, their children, their friends, their circumstances, for why they have not become what they had hoped to be.

A mature person examines himself, finds his faults, and gets to work on them."

Recently I've been interested with the subject of self-improvement and personal development, and this book is a really good one for a start.

I've always been fascinated by the people who seems to know themselves well, their weakness and strength, their potential and threat, that they have become someone that really value themselves, being true and honest, and not easily lose themselves to the always changing constantly environment and circumstances.

"Those who can conquer themselves can conquer the world"

The thing is, most of us, failed to really know and understand ourselves, creating personality conflicts within and consequently problems with others. 

I too, have grown up being really not knowing myself well, often confused and feel that I am a nobody, with no significance importance and strength. Only now that I'm start learning to know myself and appreciate and love myself more.

Why must we appreciate ourselves? Because people will only respect us when we respect ourselves first.

I remember this nice quote from somewhere else.

" Orang yang sedar dirinya milik Allah, maka dia akan menghargai dirinya dan tidak akan mendedahkan kepada kebinasaan."

"Orang yang kurang keyakinan diri, bermakna dia seolah-olah tidak yakin dengan Allah s.w.t, sedangkan Allah telah menciptakan setiap seorang daripada kita sebagai ahsanii taqwim (sebaik-baik kejadian). Jadi marilah mula menghargai diri sendiri dan menjadi hambaNya yang bersyukur"

This book is really good, in a way that it shed some light for you in knowing your personal traits and characteristics, help you to realise your strength, and identify your weaknesses so that you cvan start working on them. What's more interesting than getting to know yourself better rite? :D

So I have decided to write a post per day on what I've been reading recently, and hopefully, apart from being helpful for me, I can share and spread the good message and benefits.

December is my month for personal development, insyaAllah (though self-improvement is not time-bound and must always become our daily agenda. A good mu'min is the one who is better today than himself yesterday)

And pardon me for my rusty and broken English, I'm trying really hard to polish back my English, and writing this in English will be part of my training course.

Till then, Assalamualaikum :)

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