Sunday, November 03, 2013

A re-reflection into medical world

It's almost time to rethink and reconsinder seriously about the future.

Why in the first place, you choose to stay on this track?

While maybe in the first place entering medical world is not something that comes truly from the bottom of your heart - maybe its your parents dream to see you becoming a doctor, maybe just because it happens to be that medicine is the 'best' choice for your good SPM results, or maybe you just took medicine because you yourself doesn't really know what you want in life back then, whatever the reasons are that make you took the first step into medical school, you seriously have to re-reflect back your main reason why you are taking this path.

After almost 3-4 years in medical school, have you not find the reasons why you choose to stay, even when your heart is not fully in medicine? Do you want to waste another 2-3 years in medical school regretting your choice and keep performing poorly, whether physically in your academics or mentally / emotionally?

Get up and be responsible of your own life and future. No one's gonna care for you, it's you who are going to determine what kind of future that you will embrace ahead. What you choose today, will determine what you will get tomorrow.

As for me, all of the dozens of reasons to 'why don't I quit', I prefer to make a list of 'why I have to stay'. I'm searching reasons of why am I choosing this very path?

If you cannot get what you like, you gotta like what you get. Be grateful and believe firmly, Allah knows why He puts you in this very position. What's left is for you to search by yourself - why?

Dive into yourself, identify your potentials and weaknesses. Make a good mental image of yourself, the successful you in the future. Rebuild your dreams and hopes, and strive to achieve them. Nurture love in what you do now, develop passion and be patient!

Medical world is surely a long journey. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Keep running along but make sure that you're not burn out during the whole process.

All the best to you, myself! May Allah eases and blesses your journey in this medical world. You're gonna be great muslimah doctor in the future, just believe in yourself and keep on moving!

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