Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Allah heals

"All human beings will suffer emotionally traumatizing experience. 

This particular ayah for me, is an ayah of great hope, because when people get scarred, people get emotionally damage, then they feel that they will never ever be recovered and move on with life again.

Musa's mother, had the colossal test of taking her baby and putting the baby in the water. That is not even an imaginable thing a mother can do.

Musa's mother's heart was emptied out.

And Allah said, "And the heart of Moses' mother became empty [of all else]. She was about to disclose [the matter concerning] him had We not bound fast her heart that she would be of the believers." [Al-Qasas 28:10]

He calm her heart down and brought it to the normal state.

We as human beings don't have the ability to emotionally recover sometimes, but we're learning in this ayah that Allah has the ability to let it heals and move on.

Imaan (faith in Allah) is enough for you to be able to move on with your life. Allah will intervene into our emotional states.

Whatever emotional trauma you are going through, know that Allah can intervene and give you peace of mind, peace of heart. And He can give you tranquility again.

Whatever things that have scarred you, Allah can remove that scar entirely.

I pray that you are able to ask Allah for that genuine removal of scar and that Allah gives you that firmness of heart so you can be from those who truly believe and can live a healthy spiritual and emotional life."

- Nouman Ali Khan, Quranic Gems Juz 20 ♥ :')

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